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The #1 Mistake Marketers Make Using QR Codes

Marketing with QR Codes is quite easy and can create serious value to your customers/consumers. Most marketers have realized this and begun placing QR Codes in all types of marketing such as magazines, newspapers, product packaging, point of sale, direct mailers and much more.

While many marketers are using this marketing tool to its full potential, some marketers are using QR Codes incorrectly.

How Can QR Codes Be Used Incorrectly?

This more than one way to use QR Codes incorrectly. Are you paying attention to where your QR Codes are being placed? You do not want to place QR Codes in a subway terminal (underground) where the scanners smart phone does not have access to a mobile network to connect your QR Code content.

Are you placing QR Codes in print marketing? Make sure to not print the QR Code too small. QR Codes smaller than 1″ by 1″ are less likely to be scanned successfully than QR Codes that are larger than 1″ by 1″.

Are you including a call to action? Make sure to give the consumer directions about what to do with your QR Code. “Scan this QR Code”, “Scan me with a QR Code reader app”, etc.

These are just three things that you could be doing wrong with your QR Code marketing, but none of these are the #1 Mistake Marketers Make Using QR Codes.

The #1 Mistake Marketers Make Using QR Codes is not linking your QR Code to mobile content. I see this time and time again from direct mailers, print ads, product packaging and anywhere I have found QR Codes. Remember, if you are using QR Codes, the scanner will be using their smart phone to decode your content using a QR Code reader app. This means if you are directing the QR Code to a website URL, it MUST be ready to be viewed on a mobile/smart phone. Take a look at the difference between a traditional website on a smart phone and a mobile website on a smart phone:

As you can see, the two phones browse to the same content but the phone on the left delivers a traditional (laptop/desktop) format and the phone on the right delivers a mobile website. Some of the advantages to using a mobile website are:

  • Content is easier to view/read
  • Simple navigation (clicking from one page to the next)
  • Faster load times because of simple design

If you fail to use a mobile website/landing page, the scanner can be turned off/discouraged and not even interact with the website and close the browser immediately. If you have a mobile friendly website, the scanner is more likely to interact with the page, which means reading an article, watching a video, entering contact information, “Liking” a fan page on Facebook, “Following” on Twitter.


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