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How to Generate Leads via the Chamber of Commerce

How to Generate Leads via the Chamber of Commerce

Published on October 4, 2012
You have a very good reason to join your local chamber of commerce: “One study on consumer preferences found that 63% of consumers prefer to shop and do business with chamber members,” writes Mike Bowman at MarketingProfs.
But the respectability of chamber membership isn’t the only perk: It can also generate a steady flow of leads. Here’s how:
Get placement on your chamber’s website. Many chambers will give you space at their site for a nominal fee—or even, sometimes, for free. In some cases, you can use your profile to post offers and announcements.
Let the chamber promote your news. Your chamber regularly publicizes member news and events through its website and newsletters. Let it know when you have information to share.
Contribute articles. “Chambers are very willing to post well-written articles submitted by members in their newsletter, on their website, or in their LinkedIn group,” says Bowman.
Give presentations. Request time to speak when your chamber hosts events. You might have up to 30 minutes to discuss your business with a receptive audience. You can also serve on expert panels, or as an emcee, at chamber seminars.
Host after-hours events. These tend to be more social than professional, but you’re networking and building relationships with potential customers—so there’s no downside.
The Po!nt: Be sure that you’re getting the most from your chamber of commerce membership—including lead generation.
Source: MarketingProfs.


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